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  Dissipation rate estimation in the turbulent boundary layer using high-speed planar particle image velocimetry
Zaripov, D., Li, R. & Dushin, N.
Exp Fluids (2019) 60: 18
  Generation of sinusoidal pulsating flows in the channels of experimental setups
Goltsman, A., Saushin, I., Mikheev, N., & Paereliy, A.
Flow Measurement and Instrumentation (2019), 66, 60-66
  Convective heat transfer in the channel entrance with a square leading edge under forced flow pulsations
I.A. Davletshin, N.I. Mikheev, А.А. Paereliy, I.M. Gazizov
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Volume 129, February 2019, Pages 74-85.