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Grant Subject Start Finish
Russian Foundation for Basic Research
13-08-00504 Experimental sturdy of hydrodynamic and heat processes in pulsating flows over bodies 2013 2014
13-08-00359 Experimental research of heat transfer and kinematic structure of pulsating flow in diffuser and confuser channels 2013 2014
13-08-97050 r_povolzhye_а Physical basis of energy saving technology for heat transfer
augmentation in cooling systems using non-stationary effects
2013 2014
13-08-97063 r_povolzhye_а Development and experimental verification of physical basis of new device for flow pulsation diagnostics in gas transportation systems 2013 2014

Experimental study of mechanisms for convective heat transfer control in separated flows

2010 2012
10-08-00426-а Experimental study of drag and heat transfer in turbulent pulsating flows 2010 2012
09-08-00597 Experimental investigation of hydrodynamic and heat processes in nonstationary turbulent flow 2009 2011
08-08-12181-ophi Development and manufacture of operative embodiment of digital hot-wire 2008 2009
07-08-00330-а Experimental investigation of convective heat transfer with control of the flow 2007 2009
06-08-00521 Experimental study of mechanisms of convective heat transfer augmentation in turbulent separated flows 2006 2008
05-02-16263-а Experimental investigation of nonstationary turbulent heat transfer 2005 2007
03-02-16867-а Experimental investigation of physical mechanisms of heat transfer processes control in turbulent separated flows 2003 2005
02-02-16719-а Experimental investigation of turbulent heat transfer under hydrodynamic non-steady-state flow conditions 2002 2004
00-02-16409-а Experimental study of mechanisms of correlation between thermal and hydrodynamic processes in complex turbulent flows 2000 2002
97-02-16039-а Experimental study of mechanisms of spatial heat transfer in complex turbulent flows 1997 1999
Grant of the President of Russia for governmental support of leading scientific groups of Russia
NSh-4334.2008.8 Thermophysical methods and means of energy and resource saving in oil and gas production and thermal engineering 2008 2009
NSh-8574.2006.8 Thermophysical methods and means of enhancing petroleum-bitumen reservoir performance 2006 2007
Federal Special-Purpose Program "Scientific and Academic Personnel of Innovative Russia for 2009-2013"
8714 Search for energy-efficient generators of flow oscillations in channels with discrete roughness elements intended for heat transfer augmentation in power engineering equipment 2012 2013
8078 Enhancement of thermal and hydraulic efficiency of heat exchangers and cooling systems on the basis of laminar-turbulent transition control via superimposed unsteadiness 2012 2013
Federal Agency for Science and Innovation / Federal Agency for Education
P227 Control of convective heat transfer processes in discretely roughened channels at laminar, transitional and turbulent flow regimes 2009 2011
02.740.11.0071 Development of methods and means of energy- and resource-saving on the basis of  unsteady processes control in the systems of transportation, distribution and consumption of energy resources 2009 2011
02.518.11.7101 Research of physical processes of momentum and heat transport in unsteady flows using a unique gas dynamic testing outfit 2009 2010
02.515.11.0007 Thermophysical methods and means of energy and resource saving in oil and gas production and thermal engineering 2008 2008
02.515.11.5069 Development of thermophysical environmentally-safe methods and means of enhancement of petroleum and bitumen reservoirs performance  2007 2007
RNP. Developent of methodology for fluid flow rate measurement in conditions of unsteady, non-uniform and non-isothermal flow  2006 2008
Government contracts with the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia
16.518.11.7015 Development of heat transfer augmentation methods based on control of unsteady processes in channels of heat exchangers and cooling systems using unique test benches and setups of "KAI Scientific and Metrological Center"  2011 2012
Program of RAS Presidium "Basic problems of mechanics and related sciences in studying multiscale processes in nature and engineering"
Basic problems of applying unsteady effects for heat transfer augmentation in cooling systems of heat-stressed parts of aircrafts 2012 2014
Regional grants
Grant of Tatarstan Republic for young scientists No.09-13/2010 Research of mechanisms of hydrodynamic and thermal processes in turbulent unsteady flows 2010 2010
Contracts for development and research
IRVIS Research and Development Enterprise Development of special purpose software for a module of digital tracer visualization of a gas dynamic test bench 2013 2013
IRVIS Research and Development Enterprise Preliminary design of a one-of-a-kind flow rate standard as a part of national primary standard GET118-2006 2013 2013
Kazanskiy Giproniiaviaprom Ltd. Hydrodynamic and thermal calculation of flow parameters in the circuit of turbofan test bench 2012 2012
KNRTU-KAI Experimental research of self-oscillation processes in a branched channel 2012 2012